Candidate for the position of BAME Liberation Network Chair

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Shafeen Mahmood

Different does not mean Deficient. There is unity in diversity! #WalkTheTalk

Different ≠ Deficient.

There is unity in diversity! 

I belong to the BAME community – I know exactly the challenges we face when it comes to representation, employability and equitable access to resources.

My Value Propostion:

  • Create BAME-specific groups and forums on social media (e.g. UoG LinkedIn group for BAME jobs)
  • Initiate at least one focus-group discussion between Professor Jane (Vice-Chancellor) and BAME students every year
  • Organize BAME-specific employability workshops in partnership with the Greenwich MBA Society, which I lead as founder and president.
  • Liaise with faculties to make a BAME module compulsory across all subjects for better representation and awareness purposes. This module shall incorporate the university’s participation in the ‘BAME Attainment Gap Project’ as well as include summarized excerpts from the Equality Act 2010.
  • Celebrate the diversity of students and staff by enabling participation opportunities in national and local events, e.g. Black History Month
  • Initiative an annual ‘BAME Festival’, which would enable students and staff members from all backgrounds to celebrate diversity at least once a year at the university.
  • Respond to any BAME-related queries sent to me via email within 24 hours.

Am I Qualified?

  • Founder and President of the Greenwich MBA Society
  • Vice-president of the Bangladeshi Society
  • Arguably the fastest Greenwich Employability Passport (GEP) winner in UoG history (290/200 points in 19 days) – More than happy to share how I achieved this and you could too!
  • British Council Scholarship Winner

Furthermore, I have been part of a focus group with our Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane, had a one-to-one discussion with Professor Denise (Head of Business School) as well as with BSEO Manager Jessica. My point being, I will go to the highest levels of management at the University to have your voice heard.

You can contact me anytime at (will respond within 24 hours).

Please vote for me – thank you so much for your time :)