Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Naa Kotey

For Service Exemplar; vote Naa!

For Service Exemplar; Vote Naa!

Hi there, I'm Naa Kotey and I'm running to be one of your next GSU Officers!

My Action Points

Communication is key!  - Improved student Comms
 - Let's work on improving the way vital information is shared with students
- Striving for better accessibility to student welfare; making it easier for you to get more excellent and impactful services

The Fight for Faith
-Protecting your right to worship on campus

One Greenwich 
- Cohesion and comparable student experience across all 3 Campuses
-Inclusiveness for Medway School of Pharmacy (MSOP) students and increased access to financial and academic support
-Student visibility and experience @ Medway
-Greater support for International and postgraduate students

Still not convinced?

I'm committed to producing results and getting answers. My priority is to ensure a better student experience across the three campuses. I want the voice of every student to be heard, ensuring that no student is isolated.

Proud to be GRE means Consistency!