Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Moses Bukola

Your education, your school, your wellbeing, your choice

10 Point Mosaic Pledge [ Moses's Deal ]
- Amplify the National debate on school fees reduction.

- School fees review (terms & conditions) for the COVID19 period. (Refund considered)

-Advocating for 10:00am lectures starting to cater for childcare challenges.

- For social inclusion of all health and social care students ( Time Out & Nurses Week)

- Creating pool and reserves of counsellors and psychologists to support students' mental health needs 

- Engaging external donors and charity organisations to boost student's hardship funding purse

- Friendlier and more compassionate advocacy and representation of students 

- Creating more social activities/entertainments on and off campus for students and find alternative resource avenues to fund and subsidize the cost.

- Consultation and exploring car share and car park share scheme to address the perennial parking issue in our campuses

- Ensuring every voices is heard because they all matters.

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 Moses is courageous, selfless, fearless and dependable