Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Moses Bukola

Your education, your school, your wellbeing, your choice

My name is Moses Bukola and am running for the positions of GSU and Delegate officer.

I have experience and skills in management and developed the following skills in intrapersonal, interpersonal and interpersonal relationships. I believe these make me an ideal candidate.


what I plan to do if elected:

1. Seek out new sponsorship avenues to support and fund students activities on and off campus to increase GU outreach and reputation.

2. To make health and social care students inclusive and participatory in social activities by creating a dedicated Time out and Nursing week  for them

3. Exploring and increasing weekly social activities in various venues across London, Kent , Essex and environs.

4. Friendlier and more compassionate advocacy, representation and liaison between students and school management.

5.Amplifying the national debate on school fees reduction and Covid19 pandemic era school fees rethink.

6. Advocating for 10am daily lectures starting to address students' childcare challenges 

7. Consultation and advocating for car share and car park sharing scheme to address parking issue in our campuses.

I believe all these plan will add to a more positive and value added to students experience and wellbeing.

I am dependable, selfless, courageous, fearless. Make your voice and interest count as they matter.

Feel free to get in touch and ask me any question about my ideas.

Pls. Vote Moses!


Thank you!