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Malachi Jones

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Why Should you Vote for me?


University Fees / Covid-19 Response

  • Join the National Universities Subsidise Fees Campaign.
  • Push for Additional Academic Support for Students struggling as a response to a year of Online Learning.
  • Better Promotion of The Academic Skills team to help students struggling with online learning.


Societies / Sport Teams

  • Additional Support for Societies and Sports teams to restart after a long period of Online interactions.

  • Set up a New Societies Creation fund to build upon the Society network already in place, improving the sense of Community.

  • Shorten the Period of Notice required for Key speakers.
  • Promotion of Collaboration between Societies strengthening the sense of Community.


Better Mental Health on Campus

  • Better Promotion of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Services available on Campus.
  • Push for Additional Counsellors on the University team as a response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and greater need for Student Wellbeing Support.
  • Mental Health Awareness Week on campus.
  • Shorter Waiting times for Wellbeing Services.


Better Sustainability on Campus

  • Expansion of Green week, ensuring that it is bigger and better to push the message of Sustainability on Campus.
  • Additional Educational Materials made available to students through social media platforms.
  • Promotion of Greenwich Eco team and Green Ambassadors to allow greater engagement of students in the goal of making Greenwich Green.


Better Interconnectivity between Campuses

  • Push to Subsidise the Medway bus fees, they are just too expensive for Students regularly traveling between Campuses.
  • Push for the Avery Hill bus to run later into the evening, allowing to make the most of The Lower Deck once reopen after Covid-19.
  • Reform Medway Bus timetable, ensuring busses run more frequently allowing for students to make better use of their time on Campus.



Vote Malachi #1 To Have Your Voice Heard!