Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Sumeet Sarode

Let's Make the Best of what's left!

Took admission in University to have a fun time? Me too! Well, the pandemic has spoilt all of our plans, but don’t worry, we will together try to make the best out of what’s left! So here I'm SUMEET SARODE, to help you make your university days memorable. 
I’m a Business student, currently in my Placement year. Apart from that, I am also the vice-president to one of the biggest International Society in GSU -  Indian society for the current year.
When I, an international student, first came here, faced a lot many challenges because of the academic patterns and the culture and my aim is to eliminate the issues which I went through and ensuring that you all do not face it. 

Here are a few things which I will be focusing on:

1.       Making student’s life enjoyable and memorable at the University by making the student makes the most out of it by indulging in academic and non-academic events.
2.       Organize academic events where the students can get familiar to the teaching patterns in the UK.
3.       Ensure that the student gets proper academic help to adhere to their coursework’s framework and requirements.
4.       Development of the societies by allotting adequate resources.
5.       Organize career fairs at regular intervals in order to enhance employability opportunities for students.
6.        Assisting representatives of Medway and Avery Hill Campus for effective and efficient functioning. 
7.       Focusing more on events related to mental health and stress management for students.
8.   Strengthening international students’ grievance redressal committee.
9.   Organising and enhancing social activities at Medway so that Medway students can also participate actively.

Let’s make the best of what’s left!