Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Stephanie Larkin

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Hello, I’m Steph, I'm in my 2nd-year for Politics and International Relations. I want to become your NUS delegate because I know first hand how difficult university can be, especially during these uncertain times. I want to make sure students have the support and safeguards they deserve!



Rent Rebates- 


  • Being a Resident Assistant at McMillan, I have spoken to numerous students who feel pressured to stay in their contracts because of uncertainty regarding online teaching.
  • If your course has turned online you should be able to end your contract early.
  • There should be compensation for students who have not been living in their accommodation or private housing.
  • The government has provided financial relief for workers, and now they need to give financial relief to students.

Mental Health Support-


  • Universities are more aware of the importance of mental health and wellbeing but now students need real support by:
  • Decreasing waiting times for counselling and GP referrals.
  • Making sure there are sufficient solutions for students whether its for a quick chat or dealing with a mental illness.

Work Placements-


  • Increasing employability for all students because everyone deserves the same prospects when they leave university.
  • There should be a variety of options for internships, placement years and jobs for all courses not just in Business and Finance.

Racial Equality and Diversity-


  • I want to continue the progress made for racial equality and diversity in education.
  • BAME societies deserve to be recognised at a national level to ensure representative communities at every University.


At the conference, we are going to be discussing how best to support students and I want to represent you on a national stage. Want to find out more? You are more than welcome to contact me: