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Zoë Campbell

What is NUS doing for Greenwich Students?


Hi, I'm Zoë, one of your GSU Officers. I'm running because NUS haven't represented us on key issues this year and we need to hold them to account.


How will I represent you?

I will ensure your voice is heard by creating space for you to bring up key issues for me to raise. I will challenge them on their refusal to support a tuition fee campaign, and work with officers from other SU's to collectively demand better from our union.

NUS need to be lobbying The Government on what matters to us:

Tuition Fees - NUS has refused to campaign on this, we need their support - having them as a central point makes organising so much more powerful

Liberation - I'll gain support for key campaigns to increase the power we have as students making demands of the university.

Struggling Students - Students have been left alone with little support from The Government, we need to push for better support that is not solely dependent on universities to the point of going broke.


Am I qualified?

I've represented you in various forums since 2016. I feel I should use my expertise to make a real change for you.

Past roles that have prepared me for this:

- GSU Officer

- FLAS Faculty Officer (2 Years)

- Curriculum Consultant

- Student Group Leader (FemSoc, MindSoc, Women's Basketball)

- Criminology Programme Representative (4 Years)

- TfL Youth Panel - Diversity and Inclusion Champion

In these roles I've represented a diverse range of people, investing time into understanding your needs, and advocating for you in every space I have access to.


I'll get your voices heard, and ensure that we get an answer to the question 'What is NUS doing for Greenwich Students?'


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