Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Zoë Campbell

Leading with you to change GSU


Hi, I’m Zoë one of your GSU Officers. I studied Criminology and for 5 years have worked to make Greenwich better. I'm running because I want to do more and support the next officers to hit the ground running.


What Have I done so far?

In past roles - GSU Officer, Faculty Officer, Curriculum Consultant, Programme Rep, Student Group Leader - I’ve met your needs, some key work being:

- Decolonisation

- Fees and Accommodation 

- Giving Students Jobs

- Amending key policies that impact you

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What will I work on?

Decolonisation & Liberation:

Decolonising The University – This is a campaign I started and want to see action on - more info

Liberation – We should be taking an intersectional approach and raising awareness all year.

End Performativity - Transparency so students can challenge where work isn’t done


Mental Health:

Extenuating Circumstances - Make this accessible, and staff to approach students with trust rather than suspicion.

Alternative Solutions - More than just clinical options for students.


Student Groups:

Recognition - They reduce the workload for the university so should be recognised and supported to continue their work.

Collaboration/Partnerships - Providing space for collaboration. Support to create proposals for local businesses to use spaces, offer skills, or get sponsorship.

STUDENT Led - Put power in students' hands to make their groups successful - GSU should support, not control.

Inclusivity - Membership doesn't reflect our students - I want to make these spaces feel like spaces for all.


Leading WITH you

You should have space to campaign and to use your officers to drive change. I want to be available for you to make things happen. 


So am I qualified?

I'm the most qualified candidate - My experience will prove vital in ensuring that our officers can get voices heard and priorities met.  



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