Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Mahima Gulwani


Hello, my name is Mahima and I running to be one of your next GSU officers. As a programme representative for Business Management for two years, to being the Event’s Manager for one of the most culturally diverse societies (UOG Indian society), And the mind behind the fundraising event’s for Enactus, to being just a student here at the University of Greenwich, I have experienced it all! And I can’t wait to represent the voice of 20,000 such students !!!

How will I represent and support you as GSU Officer?

Top Priorities for 3 Campuses


  • Development of more social spaces within and around the campus.

2.Avery Hill?

  • Cheaper food options on campus + cheaper car parking


  • Increased Frequency for buses and a lower ticket price.

  • The accessible and promoted social events.

Health & Wellbeing

  • Covid-19 negatively impacted the psychosocial well-being of the students around the campus.

  • To ensure this I will assure that we have

1.More trained staff and quicker bookings with well-being staff.

2.Finding innovative ways like baking, yoga, and meditation to improve wellbeing.

Employability Services

Employability is the major problem that students are facing across the university.

  • Ensure more on-campus placement opportunities.

  • Proper guidance for placement year students

Academic Support

Covid has changed the entire education system for students at the university. To ensure a better learning experience, I will:

  • Create a space for students to know about tutor’s availability for 1-2-1 meetings.

  • More emphasis on the practical experience of what’s been learned.

  • Study buddies for first and 2 yr. students to enhance the learning experience.

Sports & Societies

  • Organizing networking events to raise the awareness

  • Easy excess to funds and sponsors for events