Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Roshini Joseph Mathew

Together, let's make a win-win campus.

My fellow students, I am Roshini Joseph Mathew running for the position of GSU Officer.
I am a student of MA Web design and Content management, and I have a deep respect for
multiculturalism. The dream deep inside me is a world without boundaries.

My goals are to strengthen the objectives of GSU;
• Develop an informed and strong Academic Representation network,
  Helping students have their voices heard.
• Build our relationship, at multiple levels, with the University.
• Build our credibility with main University stakeholders.
• Equip our student leaders to influence effectively.
• Be the trusted source of information on student trends in Greenwich.
• Showcase the work of the SU and the change we make.

As students working under the shadow of the present pandemic, we need to stick together in
order to confront the problems it poses for our academic wellbeing. Our campus is great, but
we have to work hard continuously to keep it that way. If students and managements are
happy, it’s a win-win. This is the reason for my intention to participate in this election.

I have the experience to work collaboratively and deliver the better for you. I would love the
opportunity to serve and work with the best of the student community.

Vote for Roshini Joseph Mathew !

“Together, let’s make a win-win campus”.

Thank you :)