Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Luciana Popescu

Change-makers, assemble!


My name is Luciana-Elena Popescu (simply called Luci), and I am a first-year Forensic Science
Student who runs for the positions of GSU Officer and NUS Delegate. The reason for applying for these positions originated from the desire to become a change-maker. By challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and catch new opportunities. Being a change-maker means becoming the people that we wish to see in the world.

How will I represent the students?

I will represent the students with open ears, focusing my attention on the improvements that need to be done, to assure an excellent experience at the University of Greenwich.
I will focus on bringing more personal development opportunities and more collaborations with NGOs.
I will make sure that the voice of the students is heard, and I will try my best to bring a positive impact in regards of the student experience.

Action plan:

My action plan on improving the overall students experience will be student lead, on the basis of investigating what are the highest wished things by students and I will try my best to achieve them by making carefully organised plans. 

To conclude, you can find out more, simply by following me on my Instagram account: