Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Md Jafor Ahmed

One Single Promise, Will Make Your Voice Heard!

I am running for GSU Officer because education doesn’t necessarily mean just learning to me, it's also a passion.

I have experienced the detrimental effects that the lack of support can have on students. I feel, from my heart, a strong urge to remove the barriers that are too often stopping students from achieving their goals.

Always here to help you if I get elected

I was a member of the LU Social Service Club & LU Computer Club. I have always been vocal about my rights and views and previously was a student rights activist.

If elected a number of priorities including but not limited to would be:

· Empowering the Student Voice which is the most necessary part of this role and also listening to what they want.

· Due to the pandemic, the classes are being held online. It would be important to find an efficient way so students can do everything needed on time proficiently. Working with all the possibilities which will help student survive financially and mentally.

· Setting up second-hand bookstalls so students can sell last year’s books and buy the next years at a good price.

· Working with student reps and students to make the system work for all. This might include creating an anonymous platform to remove the fear of giving feedback, creating the possibility to make more internships available to bright students, etc.

· Increasing and enhancing the international student experience by providing meaningful support for international students and our students across the globe with a strong focus on internationalisation and culture.

· Working with students in all three campuses to develop the student voice to make it beneficial for all students including language development, increasing social opportunities, increasing subject-specific skills, providing regular face-to-face support for areas of concern.