Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Vaishali Shivaji Patil


Hello everyone, I am VAISHALI SHIVAJI PATIL and I would love to be your new GSU OFFICER. I am a Former Student Ambassador, Member of NISAU Team, Indian Consolidate, Cross Cultural Communication Head, UNESCOs Volunteer & Social Worker for Foster Care Agencies.


What will I do?

Mental health and fitness:

  • Online committee of mental health ambassadors and fitness instructors, through which students can get expected support.


Academic support and employment:

  • Establish alumni and mentor network for students to connect for job, internship, and employment. 
  • Increase part time job opportunities at university and engage with local places around the university to offer jobs.


International support:

  • Provide support regarding post study work visa.
  • Fees reduction and scholarships.



  • Initiate campaigning for BAME, LGBTQ+ minority class so that there should be no bias.
  • Equal rights will be given including women’s and individuals with handicaps.


University fees:

  • Petition for the online education cost reduction which should not be more than £8000.
  • Additional breathing space to be given while studying in the university.



  • I will introduce sports app for more detailed information regarding timings, players, coach and much more.
  • Sports scholarships.


Student Welfare:

  • Organise engaging course based social events.
  • More cheaper food options available at Avery hill.
  • Review the prices and timetable for Medway buses.


Culture and societies:

  • Arrange international student festivals every six months where they represent their historic cultures and there will be cross cultural communication among the students.
  • Assurance of funding and rewards to the societies.


Housing & safety:

  • Arrange more reliable accommodation providers for the students and negotiate regarding the pricing.
  • Cooperate with local police to strengthen security patrol in areas where students appear frequently.


Your Problems > Any Bias = Amicable Solutions


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