Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Vaishali Shivaji Patil


Hello Friend, I am VAISHALI SHIVAJI PATIL and I would love to be your new NUS DELEGATE. I am a Former Student Ambassador, Member of NISAU Team, Indian Consolidate, Cross Cultural Communication Head, UNESCOs Volunteer & Social Worker for Foster Care Agencies.

I will ensure to use my NUS Delegate position to represent the student body accurately and honestly for building a better community. Communication is the key source to our future success; hence we will make an effective platform where students voice is heard and respected.


As a NUS Delegate I will give equal priorities to all 3 campuses and their problems, I will strengthen the platform and connect with student.


Student Welfare:

  • Prioritize support for students during the COVID-19 pandemic, including support with living costs, education, and mental health.
  • Support motions tackling key student concerns, including reduced costs and greater sustainability.
  • Campaign for a greater accountability and transparency in the NUS.
  • Provide training and development opportunities for student union staff and officers to deliver best support to students.


Academic support and employment:

  • Establish alumni and mentor network for students to connect for job, internship, and employment.
  • Organise a campaign for students to receive fair compensation through scholarships and other promotional programs.


Mental health and fitness:

  • Online committee of mental health ambassadors and fitness instructors, through which students can get expected support.



  • Handle grievances and issues related to violence and misbehaviour towards students thus leading to safety.


I am here to address all your problems without any bias, and I will ensure to provide amicable solutions.

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