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Rhushikesh (Rishi) Patil

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You can call me RISHI. I am studying MSc Engineering Management with Industrial Practice. Ex-President of Mechanical Engineering Students' Association and National Champion in Tug-of-War Senior National Championship 2012.




Health and Fitness

  •  A wide range of Sports Activities to keep you fit and healthy throughout the Greenwich journey.
  • One of the Largest Tournaments including a variety of indoor and outdoor games to be organized.


Employment Deployment

  • Stronger and more supportive Placement Cell.
  • Job fairs for better employable Greenwich.


Mind your 'Own Business'

  • Let's come together, brainstorm ideas with larger interests, raise our fund and start our own, globally.


Professors' Bestfriend

  • Improvise student-teacher bond by lobbying with the university for the 1:1 Personal Teacher Guardian Scheme to guide you academically as well as mentally.


I got a heart, so I need to talk

  • Mental Health Forums for better interaction and more engagement of students.


Get 'Lost'!

  • Meditation with RISHI to explore the mind-blowing dimensions and the fullest possibility of human consciousness.


Co-curricular activities

  • Paid projects and various Events for every possible course.
  • 'Skills' Workshop to enhance your abilities in the era of Artificial intelligence
  • A remarkable, practical experience-oriented event Technology Exhibition.


Extra-curricular activities

  • Traditional events for all Cultures and Religions.



  • I strongly believe that we must leave the planet better than it was offered to us so Fundraising and Volunteering for Sustainability and Greenglobe.


A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and have you ever thought of what 20,000 students from all three campuses together walking towards a common goal can achieve?

Get yourself ready to explore the possibilities and perks of Greenwich Students' Union!


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Rhushikesh Patil (RISHI)