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Ayan Samatar



Hey, I'm Ayan. I'm in my final year studying Chemical Engineering on the Medway Campus. I am a Faculty Officer for Engineering and Science and a Student Representative for Chemical Engineering. I am also part of the scrutiny panel and an intern for the Mayors Entrepreneur Competition.



  • Raising awareness for discrimination and abuse and ensuring students have access to support, both on and off-campus and online
  • Aim to increase funding for Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Provide solutions to reduce waiting times for wellbeing appointments
  • Ensuring accessible resourced support for Mental Health and Wellbeing for ALL students
  • Work closely with students and staff to develop Mental Health Strategies and Services
  • Incorporate mental health and wellbeing and cultural enrichment into the curriculum



  • Provide the right resources for exams
  • Clearer guidance on coursework deadline and laboratories in the context of timetabling
  • Improve facilities for student lecturer communication such as student Forums as students have difficulty reaching them by email and teams
  • Personal Tutors getting into contact with student’s at least at the beginning, middle, and end of the academic year



  • More employability opportunities for the third year and postgraduates’ students
  • Increase employability for students in all three campuses
  • Course based recruitment fairs
  • Increase scholarship opportunities for Home and International students



  • Provide FREE transport for students studying in Medway
  • Push to Improve Social Spaces across all campuses
  • Increase the opportunity and safety for events post-COVID
  • Increase security
  • Promote Carsharing
  • Promote Sustainability and get students engaged
  • Improve the sports facilities: Weekly Casual Sports Activities, New Equipment, etc


If you have questions, you can email me: I will be providing more details about my campaign on my Instagram page:

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