Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Munazzah Azmi

to hear and to be heard!

Hi, I am Munazzah Azmi, a first-year MBA (IB) student, a part of BAME and women's network. I am also the President of the Business Society for 2021. Being an international student from India, I understand what challenges students are facing in this crisis and I want to stand with you to make a change!

I chose to run for the role of NUS delegate 2021 as I believe, we will stand together for these changes;

  1. A particular fees refund
  2. Increased part-time and internship opportunities by the University and Student Union communicated out to the students.
  3. More course-related events and socials with Passport points.
  4. Accessible wellbeing support and more talk around it.
  5. ____________ (Your safe space. Tell me what changes you want, I'm here to listen)

I know how important these issues are for a student like you and me. I promise to actively represent you at the national conference in 2021.


Let's do this! You and me.


Vote Munazzah your #1 NUS Delegate