Candidate for the position of GSU Officer

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Nick Jones


My name's Nick and I'm a 3rd year English Language and Teahcing student. I've been heavily involved with GSU since I arrived and have built relationships with staff and student alike. I understand what's expected of me, and I'm here to get things done for students (and get them done quickly)!




I’ve worked with students and GSU in the following roles over my 3 years already; regularly fighting for students’ interests and needs. 

  • Chairman of Rugby
  • Chair of Exec committee
  • Activities Committee
  • Creator/ President of Student Website
  • Officer scrutiny panel


I'm from a sports background at uni and I understand the common difficulties of leading a sports team with GSU. Sports and societies are going to need a boost post-Covid, there's no one more dedicated to this than I am. 

  • Massive increase in promotion of our student groups
  • Find new solutions for equipment and transport funding
  • Unite Team Gre as a collective and work together towards success


  • Advancements in funding for counselling
  • Quicker support options than the current waiting list
  • Create an accessible, safe space for those struggling with mental health difficulties
  • Regular wellbeing checks (with actual follow-ups if there is an issue)


  • Shorten reply times from 3 days to 2 days for more fluid GSU- student communication 
  • Create an easy access channel for society/ sports team interconnectivity 
  • Help GSU provide solutions to students, not problems


  • Create and promote opportunities to incoming students
  • Demonstrate the inclusiveness of our pre-existing groups to those who are unsure about getting involved
  • Use our students' strengths to get everyone involved 


I'm here for you- if there is something missing that you want me to work on, vote me #1 and I promise we'll work to get it done!