Decisions Log

The GSU Officer Team make decisions across the year to represent your interests to the University. Below you can find a timeline of the key decisions made or influenced by the Officers since the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Since the Coronavirus Outbreak the GSU Officer team have been representing your needs to the University through meetings and policy consultations. Many of the decisions below will have been made quickly to ensure your needs are prioritised while the University planned alternative arrangements. GSU Officers use student insight gained from surveys and conversations to guide their decisions, as well as the personal experiences of the GSU Officers themselves.


  • Term 1 Activity statement

    GSU Officers have written a letter to Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Harrington with their recommendations and stance. You can read the letter here

    Impact: The University is now aware of our stance.

  • Launching campaign to Decolonise the University

    Diversity and inclusion is a key priority for GSU. In light of issues raised through BLM, Officers want to go beyond curriculum in changing the university to be inclusive.

    Click here to read more about the campaign.

  • Joint statement on LGBTQ+ Pride at Greenwich

    Officers wanted to speak out against hate speech towards other students and amplify the University's stance which mirrored their own.

    Click here to read the statement.

  • Joint statement with the University about Black Lives Matter

    Additional joint statement was made to show solidarity with the University against racism and inform students about steps being taken to address issed raised through the Black Lives Matter movement. Statement was co-written by Officers.

    Click here to read the statement.

  • Statement from the Officer team about Black Lives Matter

    Officers wanted to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Black students at Greenwich, and provide resources for information and wellbeing.

    Click here to read the statement.

  • Teaching Policy

    Wednesday teaching policy to be paused for the academic year 2020/21. To be reviewed on 1 SEC for next year. To ease timetabling and ensure student safety of students and staff when accessing labs. 

    Impact: Allows for more face to face teaching and benefits student safety.

  • MBA International Business - 19/20 alternative course structure

    Those who lost their Internship were given a alternative option to successfully complete their studies

  • PGR student letter support

    To support student welling and giving proper information to our PGR students related to their Phd. Ensure PGR students are supported, such as the ability to recover time lost at no extra financial cost.

  • Gym Refund 

    University gyms were closed due to Covid 19 so a refund of membership was given.

  • Student Halls Rebate

    A discount of £120 was agreed to stayed in halls over the period 1 April to 21 June. Money back for students to reflect change in service.

  • Online Students Panels 

    Online Student Panels to remain an option for students. ACTION: There will need to be a conversation with the New head of the registry. More accessible for students. Gives them options to choose from which enables them to be as comfortable as possible when in a panel.

  • Student Hardship Fund

    Online access to student hardship. ACTION: Call for a review of students accessing the hardship, with demographic breakdown and success rates. Ease of access to hardship funds. To achieve a better understanding of students facing hardship. 

  • Online Awards 

    Keep online awards content. More accessible if content is online during/post-awards evenings. Awards become more accessible and viewable at any time to students without cost.

  • Celebrating student groups

    Teams/groups should be celebrated throughout the year and online presence is worth keeping. Recognise students throughout the year. To improve our standing with groups. Student groups feel supported and appreciated.

  • Audit Trail of Decisions and Policy work 

    Officer to keep an audit trail of decisions and policy work. Useful to keep track of all decisions and identify outstanding decisions.

  • Interview with Vice-Chancellor and Regular Updates

    Officers posting regular updates on social media - including policy digests + VC Online Interview. Engagement with VC is good. Easier for students to understand changes if broken down by officers. Clear communication of current circumstances and/or changes to students.

  • Request that Aspire goes towards buying laptops and tablets for students.

    Allows as many students as possible to have access to technology that will compliment their studies.

  • Request that research is done into students’ digital poverty

    Allows as many students as possible to have access to technology that will compliment their studies.

  • Computers/Laptops for Students

    University providing Computers and laptops for students to take home – Awareness of digital poverty. Allows as many students as possible to have access to technology that will compliment their studies.

  • Extenuating Circumstances Practices Long-Term Changes

    Lobby for a phased return to normal for ECs and Investigate possible long-term relaxation of this practice. Lessens the pressure on students in the long-term.

  • Online Advice Service

    GSU should provide online Advice Service including video meetings etc. Less reliance on having a physical presence on each campus. Keeping some kind of vetting or early-stage enquiry filter allows for faster responses. Easier access to advice for students. Quicker response rate to student enquiries.

  • COVID-19 Survey

    To better understand the current needs of students and to further find out how they have been impacted by Covid. The results of this will be shared with the university to ensure they meet the needs of students.

  • Supporting Furloughed Staff

    Officers to support furloughed staff; To support GSU finances to be best prepared for future retention of staff amongst other things.

  • Communication to Students

    Officers support the Comms news article, and then updated message. Needed to go out soon, and although first version was not clear and had dead links, the second was better. Clear communication of the no detriment policy to students.

  • No-Detriment Policy

    To benefit as many students as possible and then we need to work with the fall out of derogations. Clear communication of the no detriment policy to students.

  • First-Year Students Examination

    Officers ask for a shift to allow all 1st years to progress but should still offer them a chance to be assessed. 1st years may want to practice exams and assessments but should really be auto passed. All exams should be formative except for health courses. (Subject to PSRBs) Gives 1st years the opportunity to develop examination skills before progressing.

  • Dissertation Deadlines

    Officers ask for three-week push back of dissertation deadlines. This is to equate for the disruption of strikes and covid-19. 

  • Safety Net

    The officers support the safety net policy being introduced for all students. Reassures and offers students the ability to gain their grade and put in the hard work to improve it. Ensures students' grades do not fall in light of circumstances.

  • Online & Take-Home Exams

    Officers support the FAQs produced by Liz Warren and DLTs for online and take home exams. Clear guidance and FAQs produced for students.

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi on Buses

    The current cap of 60GB means the Wi-Fi on busses isn't sufficient. We wanted improved bus service Wi-Fi for students during intercampus travel.

  • Microsoft Teams for Students

    A great tool for students to use throughout their time at university. Group projects and group leader meetings just an example of it's uses.

  • Extenuating Circumstances

    We lobbied to allow business to turn off blind marking to check that students have submitted Extenuating Circumstances claim. 

  • MBA International Business - 20/21 alternative course structure

    We wanted flexibility for MBA International Business course which is beneficial to students, especially in regards to careers and placement cycles.

  • Exams

    We agreed that the University needs to try and conduct exams. This allows students to still demonstrate their abilities and knowledge which is especially helpful when securing placements and job opportunities.

    Impact: Allows students to demonstrate their abilities. 

  • Extenuating Circumstances

    We knew students would not have access to NHS services to get doctors' notes, as to provide evidence for Extenuating Circumstances. We wanted students to be able to claim Extenuating Circumstances easier and advised for a more relaxed approach to providing evidence.

    Impact:  Students able to claim Extenuating Circumstances easier.