Societies Executives


The Societies Exec are five dedicated Group Leaders who have been elected to represent you as Society Group Leaders and Society Members - if you have a problem or an idea, they are your first point of call.

Not only do they all have fantastic experience of what it’s like to lead a society in Greenwich, they are also incredibly willing to help and advise wherever possible, and love learning more and more about the Societies Section here at GSU!

The Societies Exec are elected by Society members in line with the end of year Group Leaders Conference. As representatives of the Societies section, they then attend meetings both of the Societies Exec and, the Activities Exec (joint with the Sports Exec), and send representatives to Student Council.

“Without societies at UoG, I would not have the friends or the experiences I have today. This is why I will always encourage everyone to join at least one society during their time at Greenwich!”

2018/19 Societies Exec

Susan E Pope

Sue is going into her third year of midwifery studies, and the current chair of the Midwifery Society. As someone based at our Avery Hill Campus, Sue is keen to strengthen the links between all of our campuses, ensuring that healthcare students at Avery Hill feel they have a voice within the Students Union. She would also like to use her experiences of our Midwifery Society to help our societies work together this academic year.

Dragan L Bogzaru

As well as being on the Societies Exec, Dragan is the current president of Balkan Society and President of the Computing Society. He wants to not only represent all societies and their members, but to also offer help wherever possible, using all the experience he has gained so far – overall mission: to make sure each student has the greatest time at Greenwich University.

 Nathalie E Grigorenko

Nathalie is the current president of the Feminism Society, as well as the co-founder of the political society Thinks and Drinks, and the previous president of the LGBTQ+ Society. As member of the Societies Exec, she wants to ensure that liberation societies are tended to, and that all policies related to societies are as inclusive of diversity as possible. She also wants to encourage societies to engage more in campaigning, and with her extensive experience in the area she is always keen to help with anything from the administrative side of running campaigns to joining a demo.

Robyn L Goldsmith

Robyn is the founder and president of the Mind Society, as well the previous publicity officer of the Dance Society and the PrimeTimes Editor for MathSoc. A self-professed 'Societies Keeno', she is super happy to be representing you this year as one of your Societies Execs and can't wait to assist you in any way she can. She's particularly eager to help you get the support you need to keep all of our wonderfully diverse societies alive and kicking!

Ashlie J Snelling

“In short, Societies are the best and this should be shouted about. #ProudToBeSocieties”
As the president of the recently turned sports team, Dance, for the second year running, Ashlie knows the realities of running a society all too well. As a member of the societies exec, Ashlie wants to ensure that society leader’s voices are hard and that they are fully supported by the SU. She’s vey proud of the fact that our societies are inclusive, diverse, ever-expanding and that they allow us to meet new people and engage with new opportunities. For these reasons, she believes that societies should be celebrated more than they have been in previous years and as someone who is not one to shy away from difficult conversation, Ashlie is ready to take on the challenge for change.

"I don't know where I'd be without the societies that I have been a part of; they have been, and continue to be, my haven whilst here at Greenwich."