Henry Setter

Vice President Welfare

Henry is based in the Students' Union building on the Greenwich Campus. Henry also spends dedicated time at the Avery Hill and Medway campuses each month.


  0208 331 8479

Top three things to come to me for
- An open door with the offer to come to you for a chat
- Anything activist-y
- Discussions around Mental Health

Where to find me
In Greenwich most days of the week, but drop me a message on Facebook as I will also be hopping from Avery and Medway so make sure you check before you trek to see me.

Why I got involved with the SU
I wanted to develop my skills as well as give back to the students. I loved my first year as a Faculty Officer so I made the next step to Avery Hill Campus Officer and then Welfare Officer.



Priorities for the year

September Welcome –Preparation for WMHD  
October World Mental Health Day –Democracy Review –Preparation for Disabled Student’s Month –Look in the PAB structures and report concerns.  
November Policy push month, what policies are effecting good student mental health, Sexual Violence Conference Democracy Review (Holiday?)  
December Disabled students month activities, Long term plans for liberation planning, Is the AH dome effective?  
January Soft MH support for exams and coming back after Christmas, Bring out the good activities of the year.  
February Plan for University Mental Health Day, Winter at university and what this does to MH, Push for male MH events. Community work?
NUS Conference (hopefully).
March What is working about the joint campaign, barriers to good attitude and plan workshops  
April Run workshops and link to Panel work. Review the effect of exhibitions.  
May Handover and Catch up.