Jono Smith

Vice President Student Activities

Jono is based in the Students' Union building on the Greenwich Campus. Jono also spends dedicated time at the Avery Hill and Medway campuses each month.

  0208 331 8357

I really want as many students as possible to join a student group whether that be a society or a sports team. Being part of a student group transforms your university experience. I can’t imagine what my time at Greenwich would have been like if I hadn’t joined one. Personally, I played rugby all three years whilst studying.

I then ran to be a Committee member for two years including being Captain in my final year. In addition, in my third year I was part of the Team Greenwich Exec Committee which was a great! It’s the experiences I had in these roles that gave me the desire to run for VP Student Activities and that’s why I am where I am today. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I’m here to help!


Priorities for the year

September Exec Residential - Kit Tender - Welcome  
October World Mental Health Day  - Start of Team Greenwich fixtures - Democracy review campaigning  
November Movember - This Medway girl can – Joint campaign with Kent  
December Review of first term – Student groups  
January Term 2 student group sign-ups push  
February Charity Boxing Event  
March Varsity - Review second term – Student groups - Student elections  
April Sports/Society awards - Term 3 offer planning – Joint campaign  
May Handover planning