Henry Setter


Henry is based in the Students' Union building on the Greenwich Campus. Henry also spends dedicated time at the Avery Hill and Medway campuses each month.


  0208 331 8479

Hi, I am Henry and I am this year’s Greenwich Students’ Union President.


What did you study and on what campus?

I studied Psychology on Avery Hill campus (that's where it used to be taught), I also lived there for three years!


Why I got involved with the SU

I wanted to get more from my years at University and decided to jump into running a Society and then a Sports team (can you guess which ones?).

I loved gaining skills and opportunities by being a Faculty Officer and then Avery Hill Campus Officer (a role that no longer exists). Getting skills and making great memories… for free… sign me up.


What's your fun fact?

I was born above a fish and chip shop in Deptford. I have since lost my South East London accent, but retained my love of chips!  

Come find me whenever, and if you drop me an email I will be sure to give you all the information I can!


GSU Officer Remit

Team support  
Governance - Union and University  

Mental health and wellbeing including men's mental health

Union and industrial action  
Wider/London influencing  
Reward and recognition  
Teaching excellence framework  
Access and participation