Meike Imberg


Meike is based in the Students' Union building on the Greenwich Campus. Meike also spends dedicated time at the Avery Hill and Medway campuses each month.

  0208 331 8257

Hey guys, I'm Meike and I'm in my second term as your Students' Union President. It's my job to represent you & to ensure you guys get the most of your time at Greenwich & feel empowered to change the world afterwards! This means quality learning and teaching, positive experiences & value for money - whatever that means to you as an individual!

I'm in a lot of University meetings to push for positive changes for all students but it's even more important to me that I'm spending as much of my time as possible talking to you guys to find out what else you want and need - from the University and from us, the Students' Union. Whether these are 'small' changes such as more microwaves or 'big' changes such as implementing policies to ensure academics don't just do their job but do it well!

I've started a lot of those relevant projects last year, but there is still much more that our students need! So #HelpMeToHelpYou & let me know your ideas & feedback - my door is always open & if you see me around please come & say hello, I will always make time for you! Student leaders are only as strong as the membership & we have a lot of exciting projects to get involved in this year!


Priorities for the year

September Welcome – Dreadnought & the Dome – Coffee machine  
October October Happy staff = happy students – Democracy Review - Bus Service - Medway Students Committee – Start planning International Winter Week  
November International Welcome Week – Continue work with news venues - Democracy Review and main campaign  
December Reviews of term to establish focus for second term – Continue on campaigns & catch up with main stakeholders – Start planning International Week  
January Welcome back – preparing for International Week – Review of Dome success & start building case to get Sodexo spaces – Medway Student Committee  
February February International week – student media - continue other projects & catch up with main stakeholders  
March Elections – Continue other projects – start planning Cultural Summer Festival - catch up with other reps  
April Final push of campaigns woop woop! – Prepare Cultural Summer Festival  
May Cultural Summer Festival – Wind down – Handover – Going somewhere else to change the world…maybe Love Island or Big Brother first though!