Alessio Papa

Vice President Education

Alessio is based in the Students' Union building on the Greenwich Campus. Alessio also spends dedicated time at the Avery Hill and Medway campuses each month.

  0208 331 9258

Top three things to come to me for
- Issues with your course. (I can't raise your grades but I am gonna make sure that every student gains academic fairness.
- Academic Representation. Your journey to become a change-maker has to start somewhere, right?
- Football, pasta, pizza and a laugh.

Where to find me
Dreadnought (obviously). Most likely in McDonald if it's 1 am. Otherwise try the Gipsy Moth, the first pint is on me.

Why I got involved with the SU
Despite the fact that I came to Greenwich as a 2nd Year Entry, I have always been involved in SU Activities. I started as a President of The Italian Society because I wanted to create with all my fellow Italian one solid and saucy network; in my Third Year as Faculty Officer due to the passion for academic representation and my desire to make an impact during my university years.

More about me
I come from Italy (if it wasn't clear already), I am an easy-going, exuberant individual with the passion for pizza, people and my university.

I have been acting since the age of 8 until the point I came to London to pursue an acting career. Unfortunately it didn't work out, so I graduated in International Business and one day I am hoping to move to Asia. I am the type of person that will always put the interest of the people I care about in front of mine, I love cherries, Liverpool and the smell of fresh paint. I hate white wine, boiled carrots and long-sleeve t-shirts.


Priorities for the year

September Welcome – Faculty Officer Training  
October Programme Rep Training– Democracy Review – Black History Month – Refugee Conference – BAME Consultation Group  
November Bursaries and Scholarship Committee Proposal/ Democracy Review (Holiday?)  
December Research & Enterprise Evaluation- Preparation for RETI- Postgraduate Consultation Group  
January Faculty Officers Catch-up (Manage expectations and solve issues) ILS Principles Evaluation  
February PGR support- Preparation for SLTAs- NSS- BAME Consultation Group  
March Spring Elections– Dissertation Support-  - Library camp-out  
April Implementation of Term 3 – Joint Activities with VPSA and SU  
May SLTA! - Handover and Catch up.