National Union of Students Conference

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What is it?

The annual meeting of students from members students' unions (including Greenwich) where the national leadership is elected and policy is passed. Do you know what the NUS's stance on freedom of speech, sex work or Brexit is? Well, that is decided at this conference. These policies guide the work of the NUS who currently have around 100 staff working for them.

Where is it?

The conference moves across the country, but it is in Glasgow - the same as last year.

Who goes?

Six NUS Delegates were elected in October, we have:

Meike Imberg - Current Greenwich Students' Union President (Sociology with Psychology Graduate)

Henry Setter - Current Vice-President of Welfare (Psychology Graduate)

Nathalie Grigorenko - President of FemSoc and Societies Executive (third-year Politics and IR) 

Vincent Atigla - President of the BAME Society (third-year Mathematics)

Panth Shah (International Business Masters)

Marian Kafui (International Business Masters)

Chiron Hooson (Staff support)

Why is this year so important?

The NUS has existed for 98 years but this year they have reported that due to overspend in the governance aspect of NUS, the leadership has had to make considerable effort to save the organisation. A key paper has been submitted to the conference for delegates to hopefully vote through. The six delegates have been given briefings to prepare them for the conference which looks to be one of the most contentious ever.

Meike is doing what?

Along with the important turnaround of the NUS, the conference is the place where the leadership team will be elected. Meike Imber the current Greenwich Students' Union president has put herself up for election to become the National Union President. This means if successful she will be in the position to turn around the NUS and make it work for the Students' Unions that pay to be a part of the group. Follow her on social media to see how she gets on!

Best of luck Meike.



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