GSU General Meeting

Thursday 02 April 2020
5pm - 5:30pm
Livestream Online

As a Greenwich Student and member of the Students' Union, you are invited to attend the General Meeting where you oversee and have your say on the work of the SU. This will be live streamed online with a possible in-person attendance.

What is the General Meeting?

The General Meeting is an open invitation to all our 20,000 Greenwich students to attend an open forum to discuss and assess the direction of the Students’ Union.

Why should I attend? 




How does the Students’ Union represent me?

The Students’ Union is a democratic organisation ran by students for students to represent student views to the University at all levels and to provide support services for its members.

We seek to empower our members and ourselves, ensuring we all increase our capacity to live well and find enrichment in our work. This is a great opportunity to ensure the Students Union is ran for you by raising your voice and drive the direction the organisation takes for the year ahead through its leadership and members decisions.  


“I believe that the Students’ Union should empower you to have more ownership over your experiences and time at the University of Greenwich. This December, you can get involved in the decisions affecting you. Your Union is for you, and our decisions should have you included in them.”

- Henry Setter, GSU President