Global Cafe - in collaboration with UoG Chaplaincy

Event run by Greenwich Students' Union
Thursday 07 December 2023
10:30am - 11:30am
Queen Mary entrance

  • Global Greenwich
  • International Students
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Global Cafe

Navigating life in a new country can be both exciting and challenging. If you're missing the warmth of home, feeling anxious or just need someone to talk to- we've created a space just for you.

Introducing the Global Cafe – an open space designed to provide a listening ear when homesickness strikes.

Date: Every Thursday (Except during term breaks)

Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Queen Mary Building, Greenwich Campus

In Collaboration with the University of Greenwich Chaplaincy Team


What to Expect:

  • Ambassador team: EMeet the Global Greenwich team who can signpost you to our support services and events. Meet the Chaplaincy team who support our students of faith, as well as providing a listening ear.

  • Global Community: Connect with fellow international students who understand what you're going through. Our cafe is a space to share stories, make friends, and find support.

  • Free Refreshments: In typical British fashion, we've got you covered with free hot drinks and biscuits!

Why Attend?

Being far from home can be tough, but remember that you're not alone. The Global Cafe is here to listen, provide a sense of belonging, and create moments that ease the ache of homesickness.

Whether you're seeking a friendly chat, a comforting snack, or just a place to unwind, our doors are open to welcome you. Our dedicated staff, in partnership with the Chaplaincy, is ready to make your visit a heartwarming experience.

Join us every Thursday at the Global Cafe and take a sip of comfort from around the world. After all, home isn't just a place – it's a feeling.

See you there!



  • Accessible Venue: The event will take place at an accessible venue with ramps, elevators, and facilities that accommodate mobility challenges.

  • Wheelchair Access: The venue is wheelchair-friendly, allowing easy navigation for individuals using wheelchairs or mobility aids.

  • Support Personnel: Attendees are welcome to bring support personnel or service animals to assist them during the event.

  • Gender-Neutral Restrooms: Gender-neutral restrooms will be available for your convenience.

  • Food Allergies: Please let us know if you have any allergies so we can advise on what food you should eat. All items are labelled. 

  • Clear Signage: The event venue will have clear signage to help participants navigate the space easily.

  • Accessible Seating: Accessible seating options will be provided for attendees who require specific seating arrangements.

  • Guide Dogs and Service Animals: Guide dogs and other service animals are welcome at the event. We'll provide designated areas and facilities to accommodate their needs.

  • Large Print Materials: We will have event materials available in large print for attendees with visual impairments.

  • Sensory-Friendly: We strive to create a sensory-friendly environment by minimizing bright lights and loud noises.

  • Tourette's Syndrome Support: We are committed to providing a supportive environment for individuals with Tourette's syndrome. Please feel free to tic and move around.

  • Language Support: If you need language support or interpretation services, please let us know in advance, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

  • Quiet Spaces: Quiet and calm spaces will be designated for individuals who may need a break from sensory stimulation.

  • Neurodiversity Consideration: We value neurodiversity. If you have specific sensory sensitivities or communication preferences, please let us know, and we'll make adjustments to ensure your comfort.

  • Pregnancy and Child-Friendly: The event welcomes pregnant individuals and those with children. We'll have comfortable seating, changing facilities, and a warm environment for parents and caregivers.

We are dedicated to making this event accessible, inclusive, and family-friendly. If you have additional needs or questions, please feel free to contact us. Your well-being and participation are at the heart of our event.


Considerations for attendees:

Assistive Listening: We unfortunatly cannot provide hearing loops in this building. 

Mobility: On route to this venue, you may come across cobbled and uneven flooring. There is accessible flat routes but these take a few minutes longer to journey across. 

Accessible Seating: Accessible seating options will be provided for attendees who require specific seating arrangements. Please note this is largely a standing event however.