elections timeline



    Monday 23 September, 10am

    Nominations are open for any Greenwich student to stand for election for either a NUS Delegate or Faculty Officer.

  • thinking of running sessions

    Greenwich: tuesday 8 October, 12.30pm-2.30pm in the Atrium, Dreadnought

    Avery Hill: Tuesday 1 October, 10am-1pm in the Dome

    Medway: Feel free to give us a ring at 020 8331 8376

    We realize that running is not a decision you make without careful consideration. Therefore we have lots of sessions set up to give you more information, guidance and support in making the decision.

  • Nominations Close

    friday 11 October, 3pm

    Nominations close on this day. Don’t leave it to the last minute as some students do, otherwise, your nomination may not go through in time.

  • Greenwich candidate briefing and training

    Wednesday 16th October at 1pm-2pm OR 4pm-5pm in the Boardroom, Dreadnought

    For candidates based in Greenwich, we are holding a candidate briefing and training session in Dreadnought.  This compulsory session will go over all the information you need, tips/tricks to campaigning and training sessions on how to get students to vote for you. There will also be a networking session with SU staff afterwards

  • Manifesto drop in sessions

    Visit us in the SU Office, Dreadnought or give us a ring at any point leading up to the manifesto deadline for advice on how to write your manifesto.

  • Candidate List released

    Thursday 17 October, 4pm  


  • Manifesto deadline

    Thursday 17 October, 12pm

    All candidates must finish their manifesto at this time and date in order to ensure it is featured in our manifesto booklet we give out to students during the elections.

  • Crafting Session

    Friday 18 October 10am-4pm, Dreadnought

  • Campaigning Day

    Friday 18th October

    All candidates are encouraged to come campaign around the campus’ and get themselves known to students. 

  • Voting Opens

    Monday 21 October, 10am

    All our 20,000 students will be able to vote online and at our voting stalls

  • dreadnought Voting Stall

    Monday 21 October-Wednesday 23 October

    Say hello to one of our GSU staff who will be there to help you through the voting process. All you need to bring is your student ID.

    10am-3pm (Monday)
    11am-3pm (Tuesday)
    11am-3pm (Wednesday)

    Dreadnought, Greenwich Campus

  • Medway Voting Stall

    Monday 21 October- Wednesday 23 October

    Say hello to one of the GK Union stall who will be there to help you through the voting process. All you need to bring is your student ID.

    11am-2pm (Monday)
    11am-2pm (Tuesday)
    11am-2pm (Wednesday)

    GK Hub, Medway Campus

  • avery hill voting stall

    Monday 21 October-Wednesday 23 October

    11am-2pm (Monday) in The Dome
    11am-2pm (Tuesday) in The Dome
    10am-1pm at Mansion Building in Mansion Site 

  • stockwell street voting stall

    monday 21 October-Wednesday 23 oCTOBER

    11am-2pm (Monday)
    11am-2pm (Tuesday) 
    11am-2pm (Wednesday) 

    Stockwell Street Building, Greenwich Campus

  • voting closes

    Wednesday 23 October, 4pm

  • results night

    Thursday 24 October,6pm 

    Lower Deck, Dreadnought