Elections 2012


Here are the results of our Officer Elections for 2012. Click here to see a full breakdown of votes for all elections (PDF) or click the links under each position below. If you have any queries, please contact Gary Naylor, Deputy Returning Officer (g.naylor@gre.ac.uk) or Mary Mazzilli, Representation Co-ordinator (m.mazzilli@gre.ac.uk).
President - Kazi Haque (United We Stand)
VP Campaigns & Representation - Suresh Reddy Mudireddy (United We Stand)
VP Education & Welfare - Dean Brander (United We Stand)
VP Student Activities - Austine Obiezewani (United We Stand)
Student Representatives (x8)
Abimbola Kareem (United We Stand)
Alex Brooks (United We Stand)
Kazi Tamanna Haque (Reem Team)
Nandeeshwar Jillella (United We Stand)
Ramu Duggimpudi (United We Stand)
Don Agbaso (United We Stand)
Liton Hossain (United We Stand)
Oliver Clark (Oliver Represents You!!)