Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Nu McAdam

Together in unity, we can find the light.

I am Nu McAdam, and I will be running for NUS delegate to represent the students of Greenwich. As an animation student with a background in activism, I strive to be a voice amongst creative students within the Disabled and LGBTQ communities as well as the voices of those who feel the least heard. Our communities still face many difficulties in 2021 which desperately needs awareness, attention and action. The pandemic amongst other societal difficulties, has placed many communities including my own, in more difficult situations than ever before. It is vitally important that we use our individuality as part of the power that we have and to use it as a beacon amongst the darkness that we face. Opening conversation and shedding light on minority voices, to bring about radical change and community led action. This is not just about raising the problems but finding the solutions.  Your views matter. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to speak about them on your behalf. If you give me the opportunity to highlight your issues, together we can and will bring about change. See you at the elections!