Wellbeing Checklist

This is a quick rundown of things that are good for you to do throughout your time at the University of Greenwich. If things aren’t checked off, don’t worry! The SU can support you with any help you need.


Visited your Students’ Union website to find out what’s on offer?

Find out about what support we can provide, as well as our huge range of events and activities for your time at University.



Know your Students’ Union represents your academic interests?

There is another student on your programme (called a Programme Rep) who is responsible for representing your academic needs.

Find out more at greenwichsu.co.uk/academicrep or e-mail reps@gre.ac.uk.


Applied for student finance and/or identified financial support on offer?

You can find helpful information on https://www.gre.ac.uk/finance/money-advice about tuition fees, bursaries and debt. If you have any financial issues whilst studying and are struggling to pay for your fees, accommodation or other basic needs, student finance advisors at The University can help. For further information go to https://www.gre.ac.uk/finance/money-advice/budgeting-and-resources


Had any problems with registration, and/or your DBS checks (if you're a nursing or teaching student?)

If you've struggled with registration, visit a Student Centre or use the Live Chat function on the Portal to get some help. https://www2.gre.ac.uk/current-students/reg

DBS check delays may delay registration or going on placement – if you need some help or advice, contact your Programme Administrator or let your Personal Tutor know as soon as possible.


Got accommodation?

Are you in halls or renting privately? Information online about University and external accommodation can be found at https://www.gre.ac.uk/student-services/accommodation


Met your Personal Tutor? Had a study skills support assessment? (if necessary)

Every student has a named personal tutor throughout their studies, they are your first point of contact if there’s a problem. Make sure you contact and meet your personal tutor as soon as possible.

If you need additional help or support from The University for your academic studies, visit gre.ac.uk/student-services/support/disability


Know there's help outside your course for academic skills?

For support to develop your academic skills, including information on using the library, conducting research, and one-to-one tutoring to advance your study skills visit https://www.gre.ac.uk/academicskills


Registered with a doctor?

Do it now before you’re sick! This is an essential step to make sure you're supported at University. For general health and wellbeing advice, visit: gre.ac.uk/student-services/support/student-wellbeing

Also, ensure that you're up to date with your MMR vaccine and are aware of the signs and symptoms of Meningitis.


Need mental health or wellbeing support whilst studying?

You can contact the University's Student Wellbeing Service if you are struggling with your mental health or wellbeing. The service employs trained counsellors who are there to help you. Visit https://www.gre.ac.uk/study/support/counselling


International Student needing advice with your visa?

The International Student Advice Service have expert advisors who can help. Please go to gre.ac.uk/visa/during-your-studies/international-student-advice-service


Know the social support the SU can provide alongside your course?

Visit greenwichsu.co.uk/academic-communities to find out more. You can also visit greenwichsu.co.uk/activities to find other kinds of student groups to join, including sports teams. They’re a great way to enhance your time at University!


Found out where the libraries are?

There are a number of library and IT facilities on all campuses, all of whom offer support to students. Find out where they all are at gre.ac.uk/it-and-library/home.


Need a Student letter?

You may need to get confirmation of your student status for council tax exemption, opening a bank account, registering for a doctor, or receiving a discount on your travel. For further information go to gre.ac.uk/student-services/student-centres/student-letters



Make sure to download the Greenwich Mobile App to get up to date information and guidance, including timetabling gre.ac.uk/it-and-library/mobile


Get information, advice and support for new and current students gre.ac.uk/student-services


Check your University emails regularly. Information from the University and Union will be sent there on a regular basis.

International students - keep the University informed if you’re absent for any reason, your student visa may be at risk.


Visit the Employability Careers Service. They can give you guidance for future work and put you in touch with the Job Shop for part-time work during your studies. https://www.gre.ac.uk/student-services/ecs


Visit the University website for exam timetables and regulations.

This is where information is listed for the whole University.