Driving Your Own Vehicle

If you are driving your own vehicle – whether it is a car, motorcycle, van, etc – and you are doing it for a club or society, we ask that you register your details with the Students’ Union.

This is because of a law that regards corporate manslaughter. The Students’ Union is liable for any injury or death that is caused by vehicles driven by our groups, so we need to ensure that all vehicles used are roadworthy.

To register your vehicle, please fill out a Private Car Registration Form and attach copies of:

  • Plastic driver’s licence (both sides)
  • MOT Certificate (or new car registration form if the car is under 3 years old)
  • Motor insurance
  • Confirmation of taxation of the vehicle

Fuel Costs

If you drive on behalf of your group, you can claim back the fuel costs at 25 pence per mile.

You can claim back these costs by filling in an Activities Claim Form, stating the start and end postcodes for the journey, the reason for the journey, and attaching a copy of a route planner showing the mileage (the AA and RAC have online route planners, as well as Google Maps).

You cannot claim fuel costs back for journeys that haven’t had all the relevant paperwork filled in (Private Car Registration Form and Trip Proposal Form). We also ask that you inform your insurance company so they are aware you may be doing additional driving – this should not affect your car insurance or your costs.

How Often Do I Need to Register?

If your car insurance, MOT or tax run out during the year, you will need to update us – your registration will run out once one of these documents expires. To update a current registration you just need to send a new copy of the updated document to activities@gre.ac.uk

If you continue to update your documents with us then we will keep your registration on file for the duration of time that you are involved in clubs or societies (as shown by your membership purchases). We will remove your details and archive any paperwork when you leave the University or cease to be involved in any Students Union clubs or societies.