Transport Handbook: Introduction

If you’re travelling on behalf of a club or society, you’re doing so on behalf of the Students’ Union and the University. Although these guidelines may seem like common sense, please take the time to read through them, and follow all instructions. If you have any queries or would like more specific information, please e-mail


If you’re going on a trip, there are three forms that you need to fill out, with the second form being dependant on what type of transport you plan to use.

First Form: for all transport usage (except for sports fixtures organised by the activities team) the Trip Registration form must be filled out. This lets the Students’ Union know where you are going and how you will be getting there. This should be emailed to at least TWO WEEKS before the trip in order to conduct health & safety checks and book transport for you as necessary. If your form is handed in with shorter notice then this your trip may be declined.

Second Form:If you are travelling by driving your own vehicle, you will need to fill out a Private Car Registration Form. See 'Driving Your Own Vehicle' for more details.

If you intend on driving a Union vehicle (either owned or hired by the Union), you will need to fill out an Insurance Form so that the Students’ Union can place you on our group insurance policy. This can take up to two weeks to be approved by our insurance company, so please leave plenty of time to do this. See 'Using a Union Vehicle: Insurance' and 'Minibuses' for more details.

If you want to book an external company to hire a vehicle with a driver, then please read 'Hiring a Vehicle with a Driver' for details of how to do this.

Third Form: Before you leave for any trip, fixture, or event involving transport, you need to ensure you’ve filled out a Passenger List, detailing who is travelling. This can be filled out just before you leave or emailed over in advance, and should be emailed to or handed in at either Greenwich or Avery Hill Reception.