Using Union Vehicles - Insurance

If you wish to drive a Union vehicle, then you need to complete the steps below to be placed on the Union group insurance policy. Even if you have your own car insurance, you must be placed on the Union policy for driving vehicles owned or hired by the Union.

To be placed on the Union group insurance policy you will need to fill in two forms, and provide us with copies your driving licence (plastic and paper parts). You will need to arrange to visit the Union with your licence and hand in:

Please do not return the form to Endsleigh directly – we complete the final steps of the form and send it on behalf of the Union. Please ensure you have completed everything you are meant to, as without all of these items we are not able to place you on the insurance.

Who can be insured?

Due to limitations on our insurance and vehicles, we cannot insure people who are aged under 21, or who have held a driving licence for under 2 years. If your license is not clean or you have had a crash within the past 5 years it may take slightly longer to get confirmation from Endsleigh and there may be an additional excess.

There are also additional limitations for drivers who do not hold a UK driving licence – in this situation we need to send the forms to our insurers for their guidance. Drivers who have a large number of penalty points or who have serious convictions may also be denied insurance, however this is at the discretion of our insurers once they have received the forms as per above.

What happens after I hand in the forms?

Once we have all of these items we contact our insurers to find out if you can be placed on the policy. This can take up to two weeks during busy periods, so please get your forms completed as far in advance as possible!

Once confirmation from the insurers is received, we will contact you to confirm the terms of your inclusion on the group insurance policy. The standard excess for the majority of drivers is £250, but this does vary depending on the driver’s age and driving history, and you are responsible for payment of your excess, so please make sure you check your confirmation when you receive it!

The next step is to book a minibus test with our instructor before you go out for your first trip.

How long am I insured for?

Your cover on the group insurance policy is from the day you receive the email with confirmation of the terms of your inclusion on the policy, through to the 31 July that academic year. You can then fill in forms to be included on the policy for the next academic year from 1st August onwards.