Hiring a Vehicle with a Driver

The Union can book a minibus with driver or coach for your trip. There are a variety of coach sizes available, from 16 seat minibuses upwards. 

In order to request an accurate quote and book the coach for you, we will need to know the following information:

  • Name of your club or society;
  • Your pick up & drop off point;
  • Date & time to be picked up;
  • Date & time you expect to leave;
  • Where you will be travelling to (including postcode); and
  • How many passengers you will be taking.

Most of this information will be included in the Trip Proposal Form, which is required two weeks before your trip. If we do not have the information, we cannot book your vehicle! If you require a wheelchair-accessible coach, please let the Student Activities staff know at the time you e-mail and we will try to accommodate this in the booking.

If you feel you can get a better price yourselves from a supplier, then please fill in full details of the supplier on your Trip Proposal Form and supply us with the quote. If we are happier that the use of the supplier will be cheaper for you, then we will authorise the expenditure as per the usual finance rules.

Please leave the vehicle as you would expect to find it. Cleaning and repairs to any damage will be billed to your group or to individuals present, and repeatedly leaving the vehicles a mess or causing chargeable damage may lead to Union disciplinary action against anyone who was present.