Transport : Emergency Procedures

General Information

Depending upon where you’re going and what kind of First Aid provision is available, think whether you need to take a First Aider with you. If in doubt, contact for advice.

We need to be made aware of any accident, incident or near miss – even if it’s minor – so that we can help you. Fill out an Accident Report Form within 24 hours and hand it in to the Student Activities staff or Union Reception. You can find these online in the Handbook, in Drivers Packs issued by the Union for Union vehicles, or by asking at the Student Union reception desks. We recommend taking several Accident Report Forms with you when you do any activity!

So any issues after an accident can be resolved as quickly as possible, please ensure you get the following details from any vehicle involved, no matter how minor the accident:

  • The person’s name, address and telephone number
  • The make, model and registration number of vehicles involved
  • The insurance details of other vehicles involved
  • The date, time and location of the accident
  • At least 2 witness details if possible
  • Photo evidence

If there are any witnesses, get their contact details as well. Photo evidence of the accident and any damage caused will also be helpful.

If you have a serious accident:

If necessary, contact the relevant emergency services on 999.

Contact the Students Union on 0208 331 9596/7629 to explain what has happened and get further support. If your trip is taking place outside of the Union opening hours then you should arrange in advance with the Student Activities staff for a Students Union staff member to be contactable in case of an emergency.

Do not attempt to remove a motorcyclist’s helmet. It can do more damage than leaving it on.

Do not move casualties unless they are in immediate danger. If the vehicle needs to be evacuated, try to use the door nearest to the kerb and remain a safe distance from the road ensuring your passengers are safe.

Do not attempt to put out a fire- there may be toxic smoke.

Do not speak to the media or contact any relatives of people injured. This is the police’s responsibility.

As a result, please also be aware of what you put up on social media (Facebook, twitter etc.) – often the panic caused by small amounts of information being put out on the internet is worse than the actual accident.

If your driver gets injured:

Please inform the Students’ Union what’s happened immediately. If you can still travel, we will help with recovering the vehicle and getting everyone in the group home. Depending on where you are, we can look to:

  • Get a driver to you to drive the vehicle
  • Help you get the nearest public transport (whether bus, coach or train)
  • Organise a coach or taxi
  • Arrange overnight accommodation in extreme circumstances.

Please note that who pays for the recovery costs will be an individual case-by-case decision