Looking After Yourself

Self care is as important as welfare

There are any number of reasons for getting involved in clubs and societies, and these activities contribute massively to other students’ wellbeing and fun at University.  We’d hate to see your involvement become a burden that affects you and your enjoyment of your time here

Advice from our Advice Service

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

If you’re taking on tasks for your society, check it’s achievable, manageable and that you’ve got enough time to do them.  On big pieces of work, you may want to buddy up with another society member to share the effort.  And if you’re finding it too much, speak to others in the group. 

The earlier you do, the more likely problems can be dealt with successfully.  All part of the learning process!  And if you need more support or aren’t sure what you’re doing, contact the SU Activities Team.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead, and get a regular balance between your studies, paid or voluntary work, and the social side of being at Uni.  In some weeks, deadlines may mean one thing or another takes priority, but sacrifice too much and you will end up suffering needlessly. 

As with your studies, planning ahead, and getting a little done regularly, is so much easier than leaving everything to the last minute, and means you’re more likely to be successful (and relaxed!).

Remember the little things:

Eat regularly, exercise, get enough sleep (and you may want to think about what you’re drinking!).  If you’re regularly tired or hungry, you won’t be thinking straight.

Talk to someone

As much as you’re supporting others, talk to others when you need support, or just a listening ear.  When you talk to someone else about what’s on your mind, you put the problem into words, and you may find that simply talking about your situation helps you to think it through, and decide what you want to do about it. 

But we know it’s not always easy to talk to people you know about your own worries.  You can speak to an SU Adviser for confidential support, to a Listening Ear at the University, or to the University Counselling team or the Chaplaincy team.  And out of hours, you can phone Nightline during term time, or the Samaritans all year round


SUUG Advice Service (Greenwich and Avery Hill students):

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