Coaching Staff

Before any individuals can coach your group they will need to be registered with the Students' Union.

This applies to groups where the nature of the activity requires specialist skills or a higher level of knowledge. All groups with a high risk of injury through physical contact or activity will need a coach with specialist skills/knowledge to run their training sessions where the risks may occur. The minimum level of qualification needed for sports coaching is UKCC Level 1 or equivalent.

Registering your coach

You need to do this ASAP - coaches should not be delivering sessions and will not be paid unless they have completed the registration process!

We expect all coaching staff to be registered before beginning coaching, and by the end of October each year at the latest (unless they start later in the year).

Registration must be done each year, even if a coach is continuing from previous years.

Provide your proposed coach with the Information for Coaches leaflet, and get them to fill in the Coaching Staff Registration Form.

Organise for the coach to provide copies of certificates for all of their relevant qualifications - they can either scan and send these to, or committee members / coaching staff can arrange to visit the Students' Union and a member of staff will take copies of them.

Return the Registration Form & copies of certificates to the Student Activities Helpdesk; if there are any problems, the Student Activities team will be in touch.

What if we have the same coach as last year?

So that we can be certain, coaches must register each academic year - the registration form acts as their contract, so it needs to be completed. We keep on file copies of the certificates provided with registration, so these usually only need to be provided if they are new or our copies on file are out of date, however every few years we will usually ask for fresh copies as part of housekeeping.

We do not contact references every year, only when a coach is first registered if considered neccessary.