Accidents & Emergencies

By law any accident, however minor, must be reported to the Activities Department within 24 hours. A copy of the full Accident and Emergency procedure - including details of who to contact - can be found online here.

What to do when there is an accident or emergency

If necessary, contact the relevant emergency services on 999 (or the relevant local emergency number if abroad – often this is 112). If you are on campus then Security will do this for you, and ensure that the emergency services have the correct information and that the gatehouse staff are expecting them.

Contact the Students Union on 0208 331 7629 / 9596 to explain what has happened and get further support. If your trip is taking place outside of the Union opening hours then you should arrange in advance with the Student Activities staff for a Students Union staff member to be contactable in case of an emergency.

Do not move casualties unless they are in immediate danger, and follow all advice from the first aider on scene and any advice given by the emergency services.

If a vehicle needs to be evacuated, try to use the doors nearest to the kerb and remain a safe distance from the road. Do not attempt to put out a fire – there may be toxic smoke.

Do not speak to the media or contact any relatives of people injured. This is the responsibility of the emergency services – if a student is not able to contact their own emergency contact then any details the Union or event organiser have should be passed to the emergency services for their use.

As a result, please also be aware of any information you put online through websites like Facebook and Twitter – often the panic caused by small amounts of information being put out on the internet is worse than the actual accident.

High risk or outdoor pursuit activities must have an additional set of procedures to deal with the emergencies that are specific to their activity. This information should be communicated to group members via trip or event briefings and any necessary training.

It is the responsibility of the activity committee, trip leader and vehicle driver to ensure that all participants are aware of the actions to take in the event of an emergency.

Reporting an accident or 'near miss'

If there is an accident, the Students' Union needs to know so that it can reassess what we do, contact the University and check risk assessments if necessary. It is just as important to let us know if there is nearly an accident, so we can put checks in to stop it happening again.

In most cases the injured person(s) is responsible for reporting the accident. However following a serious incident a report from the injured person, the activity leader and any witnesses is essential.

Accidents must be reported by completing an Accident Report Form and sending it to or handing it in at Union Reception. 

We recommend keeping several copies of the Accident Report Form with your first aid kit, and making sure the organiser of any trip or event, or a committee member for general meetings/training, carries some copies as well.

Following a report, an investigation may be undertaken by the Activities Manager or other relevant staff to gain further information about the incident, so please make sure the accident report form is filled in correctly and as fully as possible.