Using Your SUUG Webpage

About Your SUUG Webpage

All approved student groups have a page on, either categorized as Sports or Societies.

Admin rights to edit each student group page will be given to all student group leaders that have paid membership for that academic year.

Through the admin rights, you are able to edit the contact details, external website link and group description that appears on your page, and these should be filled in and kept up to date at the minimum.

Student group leaders with admin rights will also be able to add news, events, resources and photos to their student group webpage, and are encouraged to do so. You can also check lists of who has paid membership and who has purchased any products sold through the page.

Memberships are available to purchase from each groups’ SUUG webpage, and are put online by the Student Activities team. There is also the option to put products and tickets on sale via the pages, and this is done by following the information below.

Where groups chose to use online elections, these will be facilitated through the groups’ Union webpage, and administrated by the Student Activities staff.

Step-by-Step Guides

Updating Your Student Group webpage

Emailing Your Members

Creating an Event & Getting it in the What's On lists

Checking Who Has Paid Membership

Checking Product/Ticket/Membership Sales

Selling Products/Tickets Through Your Page

You can sell products and tickets through your student group SUUG webpage, with funds being paid straight into your group's generated account.

If you wish to sell tickets, please follow the step-by-step guide for 'Creating an Event & Getting it in the What's On lists', and then fill in the online product/ticket request form.

If you wish to sell a product (such as a hoody, tracksuit, or other student group item) then please just complete the online product/ticket request form.
Please bear in mind that you will need to have worked out with a supplier beforehand how you will purchase the items from the money paid into your group account - filling in this form does not mean we will source hoodies/t-shirts/other items for you.
If you want some advice on which suppliers are frequently used and what we recommend doing please contact the Activities team.