Social Media

Social media platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram are increasingly popular with students - most people will have at least a facebook account!

Social Media Content

All groups are encouraged to make use of social media, especially facebook and twitter as they are very popular!

However please bear in mind that everything you put in a Facebook 'page' or an 'open' group, or on a Twitter account that isn't set to private can be seen by anyone, so please think about whether you'd say what you're posting there to your parents or a University staff member (as it's entirely possible they will read it!).

In extreme cases, where content is wildly inappropriate, the Union or University may get involved and individuals producing the content may be subject to disciplinary procedures for damaging the reputation of the Union or University - so think before you post!


Most groups set up Facebook pages or groups - what you should do depends on what you need your Facebook presence to be! For a guide as to what each type of Facebook presence can do, click here for an explanation from Facebook.

Please invite 'Student Activities-Greenwich' to be a member of your facebook group or like your facebook page - this way we can help promote your events and activities via facebook, as well as invite you to relevant events!

We also recommend liking 'Students Union University of Greenwich' and joining 'SUUG Events' to publicise your events and get up to date information from us.


Twitter is a fast-moving social network, so it does take quite a bit of effort to keep it up to date and active enough to be worthwhile! However it is also great for sharing small snippets of information, like quick score updates during a fixture, or just interesting bits of info about your group and what you're planning! Twitter have a getting started guide that you can read by clicking here if you're wondering whether to use it or not.

If you tweet @sugreenwich from your groups' twitter account then the staff that handle our twitter account will always try and retweet you, so make use of this!

Other good accounts to get retweets from are @UniofGreenwich@suuggiag@UGStudentCentre, and our Union full time Officers - @PresGreenwich@VPSAGreenwich@VPEGreenwich, and @VPWGreenwich.

Student Union Social Media Accounts

Georgios Kalamogiorgos is our Production Manager in charge of the Student Union's Social Media accounts. He's happy to publicise your group's events on the accounts he manages. If you want to have your event featured, email him at in advance with as much information as possible, including a link to the event page on this website. He'll then be able to promote your event for you, mostly on the Union's twitter account. Each group will be limited to advertising two events per term, so choose your events carefully. 

Events featured in the 'What's On' email will still be chosen by what's been featured on the website, so remember to make each of your events an event page on here. See the guide below for how to add an event page.

Creating an Event & Getting it in the What's On lists