Printing Allowance

The Union will print copies of posters and other advertising for groups at either a free or reduced rate, depending on how much of your yearly free printing allocation you have left.

What is the allowance?

The free printing allocation for all ratified student groups is 40 single sided A3 sheets per academic year.

This doesn’t mean you can only get printing in A3 single sided – we use equivalent measures for our records (e.g. one sheet of double sided A4 is equal to 1 single sided A3 sheet; one single sided A4 is equivalent to 0.5 of an A3 sheet). We can however only print in A3 and A4 sizes. You can make a leaflet in A5 size but that will be printed 2 per sheet of A4.

How much does it cost if we've used the allowance?

Once the free printing allocation is used, the costs that are charged to your society accounts are:

  • A4: colour 5p, B&W 3p
  • A3: colour 7p, B&W 4p

How can I get things printed?

Groups can request printing by sending copies to the of what they want to be printed in a JPG, PDF or Microsoft office file format, giving the following information:

  • how many copies you want,
  • what size copies you want,
  • whether you want the copies in black and white or colour, and
  • which Union reception you wish to collect the printing from.

All publicity must include the Students’ Union logo (below), and publicity will not be printed for events or trips that have not been approved via the Union procedures.

Students Union logo - full colour JPG / PNG / small JPG
Students Union logo - black & white JPG / PNG