Putting up Posters

One of the most eye-catching and often easiest ways of advertising your group and activities to students who aren't already involved is by putting up posters.

We don't currently offer a design service for groups - unfortunately we don't have enough communications staff to handle the workload! We suggest asking around your members if anyone is good with Photoshop, or using Microsoft Publisher to make a basic design. Don't forget you also have a printing allowance for your group, so we can print off posters for you up to A3 size - make good use of it! 

More information and guidelines will be added here as we find out more about the changing campuses, including suggested places to put posters and where posters have worked well.

  • 'must' means this is a rule and has to be followed
  • 'should' means this is advice and it is usually a good idea to follow this, but it is not compulsory.


  • Posters must not be put on glass doors
  • Posters must not be put on University brickwork
  • Posters put up on noticeboards must be put up with pushpins or Velcro tabs, and must only be put on appropriate noticeboards (e.g. not ones designated for something entirely different such as academic notices!)
  • Posters put up on glass or walls must be put up with blu-tak, not sellotape (as sellotape rips off paint and leaves residue on glass that is a pain for the cleaners to remove).
  • Posters must include your group name and the Students' Union logo, and should include contact details (email or phone contact) so interested students can follow up by contacting you.
  • Posters for events should be checked to ensure they have all the vital information - name of your group, name of the event, date & time, location, ticketing information, dress codes, last entry time, and anything else someone will need to know to take part successfully in your event!
  • At Avery Hill you can put posters up in the Dome, Laundrette and the shop, as well as around courts on wooden parts of halls doors.
  • Greenwich is restricted to notice boards on campus. If you are wanting to put up posters in halls, it is best to contact RAS or accomodation themselves to ask for permission.
  • Posters must be removed as soon as practicable after the event or when they become no longer relevant.
  • Posters shouldn't be left up indefinitely in the same place, even if they aren't for a specific event or period of time, as "poster blindness" happens when people see the same image in the same place for a long time and therefore stop paying attention to it.