External Sponsorship

Although the Union provides sponsorship towards your activities as part of your budget account (if you are a sports club) and through the Activities Development Funds, we know that sometimes student groups will want extra funding, for example to help subsidise costs of events, socials, clothing or tour stash.

Student groups are allowed to source external sponsors, although all contracts have to be signed by the Student Activities Manager.

Banned Companies/Organisations

There are some companies and organisations that would not be allowed to sponsor student groups, as they have been banned from advertising through the Students' Union due to legal or policy reasons. Some examples include essay writing services, 'homework help' websites, where we can't find proof that a legal company/organisation exists, where the advertisement is in breach of our Union Policy against rape culture, or would promote an organisation that is currently No Platformed. For more advice about this contact activities@gre.ac.uk.


Read through the Guide to External Sponsorship - it includes a lot of information to help you make the most of opportunities available to you and your group, including examples of letters, emails, and contracts.

When you've found a company interested in sponsoring your group and want to make it official, you need to do the following:

Fill in the template contract form with details from yourself and your potential sponsor - make sure you include plenty of detail about what is involved!

Return the template contract form to activities@gre.ac.uk. We will then look it over and email back with any clarifications that are needed, or if it is all fine then we will let you know and sign the contract and leave three copies at a Union reception for you to collect.

You should then sign the contracts yourselves and get the representative of your sponsor to sign all 3 copies of the contract. One copy should be kept by the sponsor, one by yourselves, and one copy returned to Union reception for us to keep on file for your group.

To get the money paid in to your group's account - most companies will want an invoice to be sent to them for them to pay. The Union's finance office will need to create the invoice, and you can request this by completing the Invoice Request Form and sending it to activities@gre.ac.uk - the invoice will then be sent on to the contact details given once it has been drawn up by the Union finance office. Please bear in mind this will usually take up to 5 working days

If you've gone through this process and got external sponsorship for your group -congratulations!