Spending Student Group Money

There are two ways you can spend money from your Union accounts – ordering from a company, or spending your own money then claiming it back. In both cases you must have agreed the spend with the Activities staff before confirming any orders or spending any money.

For all expenditure we recommend getting quotes from a variety of suppliers to make sure you're getting the best deal. However please note that all payments need to be made in £GBP - in very limited circumstances we may be able to pay in other currencies, but you must have this approved by the Student Activities Manager in advance.

We are currently building up a database of recommended suppliers, which will be suppliers that the Students' Union regularly works with, however you don't have to use these suppliers if they don't offer what you want or the best deal for your group.

You can view the current recommended suppliers database by clicking here.

Ordering from a Company

To order from a company, you will need to email a completed ‘Activities Order Request Form’ to the Student Activities staff. The spend will then be checked by staff & your group's account balance checked, and if the spend is agreed then the form will be returned to you with an order number.

You can then place the order with the company and arrange for the invoice to be sent to the Union & paid from your club accounts. Please note the invoice will need to be billed to the Union address below or we will not be able to pay it. You can put a different shipping address (for example, the Avery Hill offices), but the billing address must match the Union address below.

Union billing address:
Greenwich Students' Union
Dreadnought building
30 Park Row
SE10 9LS

Payment Dates

Invoices are usually processed by the Union monthly, however for student groups we process fortnightly during term time. Invoices need to be sent to activities@gre.ac.uk with details (including your group name) by Friday each week, and we will respond at the end of the week confirming the next payment date. Payments take at least a week to process, and are only made fortnightly.

We therefore strongly suggest that you use the order form system above, as it will enable you to confirm that payment will be made to your suppliers and allow them to provide goods or services before the payment is cleared.

If your suppliers want confirmation from the Union they should contact activities@gre.ac.uk with details (including the order number provided by us) and we can confirm that payment will be made.

Claiming Back Money

Sometimes it isn’t possible to use the order system above (e.g. if it’s a small cost from a shop) so the other option is to spend your own money then claim it back from the club accounts. You must check all of these costs with the Activities staff before you spend money!

To claim back money you will need to keep the receipt for what was purchased (we cannot reimburse any money without receipts, and all receipts must have the name & address of the company on them) and fill in the 'Activities Claim Form' then bring it in to the Student Activities staff or give it to Union Reception to be passed on. There are two copies of the form per A4 page - you only need to complete one half per claim, and can keep the second form for a future claim!

Payment Methods

For small costs (under £50) we can usually arrange for you to receive the money in cash, which will be left at Union Reception under your name.

For amounts larger than £50 then the finance office will pay you via the BACS (electronic transfer) details provided. Electronic payments are processed fortnightly, with payments reaching bank accounts on alternate Fridays. If it has been more than two weeks since you handed the form in and the payment hasn't been made then please get in touch with details of the claim and we will chase up why the payment is late.

We prefer not to produce cheques as they entail higher bank charges and more staff time to produce, but can be produced on request, and you will be emailed to arrange collection of it from Union Reception.