Paying Other Money In

Online Payments / Tickets / Products

Similarly to paying memberships online, we are able to take payments through your SUUG webpage. We can set up payments for items such as clothing, tickets, or other items/events that have a set price. We can also limit purchases to members of your group only, or have them available to anyone who has an SUUG login.

For more information, please read the Handbook page about Using Your SUUG Webpage.

Paying In Cash from Fundraisers / Events

You can also pay cash straight into your account, for example where you have money from ticket sales on the night of an event, or from fundraising activities such as holding a stall in Sparrows.

To do this, you just need to fill in a Paying In Form and hand it in with the cash to a Union Reception or Activities staff member. You do not have to complete both halves of this downloadable form - there are two copies per A4 page, so you can keep a copy for another time.

If the money is to be donated to an external charity then please make this very clear on the Paying In Form and provide the details of the charity that the money is to be paid to - this can all be written in the 'description' box on the Paying In Form.

You can also now use online fundraising pages - for more information read through the Handbook page about 'Fundraising for Charity'.

External Sponsorship

Please click here to read more information about external sponsorship.