Paying Membership

There are a number of different ways in which membership can be paid:

  • Online, using a credit or debit card - via your SUUG webpage
  • At Students' Union receptions - in cash or with your Aspire card (up to £50 on Aspire card)
  • At Freshers Fairs - in cash, with credit or debit card, or Aspire card, at SU till points.
  • Through committee members taking cash at meetings/events - please follow the instructions below.

If a member is having a problem paying online then please get them to email with an explanation and screenshot of the problem (e.g. can’t log in to account) and we will help them fix the problem.

Taking membership payments as a committee member

Following a successful trial in 2013-14, we are continuing to allow committee members to collect membership payments from students and pay them in to the Union.

Before you begin taking any money, all group leaders and members who will be looking after the money on behalf of the group must read and confirm that they agree to the safe cash handling procedures.

To then take membership fee payments you will need to get any students paying to fill in their details on the membership details form (click here to download), filling in all but the last column.

You then need to take the form and the money in to a Union reception, where they will process it and add the memberships.

Free / Zero Cost Memberships

If your group has a zero cost membership fee, please still encourage students to sign up - that way we can give accurate reports of the number of students involved in groups, and get more support and funding for groups!

For zero cost memberships students will still need to 'checkout' their basket online to register their membership.

Often the easiest way of registering members with a zero cost membership fee is to get them to fill in the membership details form (click here to download), and returning that to Union reception, or for you to complete this online version of the form.

Where Membership Money Goes - Sports Clubs

For sports that cost over £20, £10 of your membership cost is paid into your Generated account. The rest is paid into your Budget account.

This will only be different where the club committee have agreed a different way of splitting the income – for example, some clubs have a lower membership cost that is paid entirely into the generated account because members then pay per-session for their activity. If you would like to know the breakdown of membership fees for your club, email and request to see your club budget breakdown sheet.

As all sports clubs involved physical activity then your membership fee also includes your compulsory personal accident insurance. This means you have insurance that can help out with costs if you are injured playing sport through one of our sports clubs. Click here for more information on the personal accident insurance policy.

Where Membership Money Goes - Societies

All societies have only one account, their generated account, so all membership is paid in to this. For more information on the difference between the accounts, please see the Committee Handbook page 'Your groups accounts'.

If your society is based around a physical activity (e.g. Karate, Climbing, Dance, Bhangra) then your membership fee will also include your personal accident insurance. Although the Union covers the cost of this, we do recommend that you charge at least £5 for membership, as that would be the equivalent cost for the insurance. Click here for more information on the personal accident insurance policy.