Holding Events in Union Venues

Bar Latitude and Sparrows Farm are bookable for student group events, provided they are suitable for the proposed purpose.

Union Venues are managed by the Commercial Services staff team at the Union, and the decision to accept or deny the use of that venue lies with the Commercial Services team.

There are two options for how you can book the venues 

  1. Reserving a space when the venue is already open

  2. Hiring the venue for exclusive use

For detailed explanations of how both of these options work and the costs involved, click on the relevant link above.

When hiring the venue for exclusive use, the Activities & Events Coordinator will help you plan your event at Sparrows Bar or Bar Latitude if you feel you need more support, and will liaise with the Bar Managers.

Helpful Information

For both of these options, you will need to fill in an Event Proposal Form, including as much detail as possible. The form must be submitted to to activities@gre.ac.uk and either barlatitude@gre.ac.uk or sparrowsbar@gre.ac.uk.

Forms must be sent well in advance of the proposed date:

  • More than three weeks (15 working days) for exclusive use of a venue
  • More than one week (5 working days) to reserve a space in a venue


A lot of helpful information about what is and isn't possible is provided in the links above - please make sure you have clicked through and read the information so you don't waste your time filling in a form for something that is not possible. 

If you still feel that you need more support, then you can contact the Activities & Events Coordinator (any student group) or the Societies Development Coordinator (societies) for advice and support.

An explanation of the decision making process of the Union with regards to event proposals can be found in the 'Policies & Procedures' section of the Committee Handbook.

Hosting a Bar Latiude Quiz Night

Bar Latitude holds a weekly quiz every Tuesday, which groups are welcome o take over, You can write the questions, charge entry (and the society can keep the proceeds), and host the quiz. Please fill in this form and email it to activities@gre.ac.uk and barlatitude@gre.ac.uk to reserve a Tuesday.