Groups are considered to be going on a trip where you are travelling as members of the student group outside of the University campus (excluding sports fixtures organized by the Union, and where an ‘Event Proposal Form’ has been submitted and accepted).

Planning and booking your trip

To organize and go on a trip you need to submit a ‘Trip Proposal Form’, including as much detail as possible about the proposed trip, including destination, transport details, expected numbers, costs, dates and times.

This form must be submitted  to more than three weeks before the proposed dates, or more than a month in advance if you are travelling internationally.

In most cases, the named organizers of the trip will then be invited to a trip planning meeting with a member of the Student Activities team, who will go through their plans for the trip and make plans for any further paperwork to be handed in, so as to comply with health & safety rules. If paperwork is later not handed in as agreed then the trip will no longer be approved.

Sometimes (for example, with identical repeats of previous trips, or small scale trips) then a trip planning meeting may not be held, and instead arrangements will be made over email between the organizers and the Student Activities team.

When on the trip

Please make sure you take a copy of the accident and emergency procedure with you - this has the important numbers and information on about what to do if an accident or emergency happens!

Make sure you have contact details for everyone on the trip - you don't want to be stuck waiting for someone who's wandered off! It's also a good idea to be clear with everyone on the trip about what the plans and set times are, for example if you need to leave at a certain time to make sure you miss traffic!